Folk Remedies

Flower Essences

Flower Essences first pioneered by Sir Edward Bach in Scotland, are commonly confused with essential oils.  They are not fragrances but homeopathic preparations.  The idea being, that the special energetics imparted from flowers, will gently nudge spiritually rooted imbalances back into a state of balance and thereby improve health.  Our flower essences are unique and are made from our local flowers, infused in rocky mt spring water, under the intensely  potent high altitude sunshine.


Our herbs are infused in apple cider vinegar, or Russian Potatoe Vodka to avoid gmo or gluten vibrations present in other alcohols.  We use a lower herb to alcohol ratio, and a longer setting time than most other herbalists, resulting in a a very high potency product.  All of our herbs used are organic or ethically wildrafted.  (Photo to the left depicts localy grown Calendula flowers infusing to be used in a cold and flu preparation).


Many of our healing balms have been developed over years of experimentation and research, including the completely original and locally famous Pine Salve, Three Flower Balm, and Aspen Balm.  We infuse our flowers and herbs in certified organic and authentic oils, and make small batches to insure the freshness of our products.  Our lip balms have a natural SPF of 5, and contain lavender essential oil distilled in Paonia Colorado, to prevent and treat wind and sun burns. (Flowers in photo to the left were used for the Three Flowers Balm).


At Mountains of Plenty, we strive to share our love of plants and their gifts with our community.  We take ethical harvesting with the utmost of seriousness, and our pine resin is only taken off of the trees that have recently died from the beetle infestation (when you have lemons make lemonade!), so as not to disturb them when they are really stressed and fighting for their lives.  Many of our plants are grown biodynamically on our own properties.  Check out our availability to view our entire product line. (Photo to the left shows hops harvested in the fall for a sleep blend tincture).


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